Microsoft Windows Server Essentials 2019 64Bit English AE DVD


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Windows Server Essentials G3S-01183

  • Maximum number of users 25.
  • Academic Edition.
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Standard – Servers – Microsoft® Windows Server Essentials 2019 64Bit English Academic 1 License DVD – English – Non-specific – 2019 – Non-specific – Windows Server Essentials

Windows Server Essentials offers a flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use server solution for small businesses. Moreover, Windows Server Essentials, the ideal first server, can also be used as the primary server in a multi-server environment for small enterprises. In Addition, Windows Server 2019 Essentials provides a wide range of new and advanced features and capabilities for Windows Server Essentials, which allows small enterprises to work more productively.



Get the most out of Windows Server with Azure.
Azure is built-in into Windows Server 2019 operating system, adding additional layers of security to your servers, projects and application.

Hybrid capabilities with Azure
New hybrid capabilities with Azure to boost your security system for your servers.

Advanced multi-layer security
Elevate your security posture by protecting the data center, starting with the operating system.

Faster innovation for applications
Enable the creation of cloud-native apps, and modernize traditional apps using containers and microservices.



  • 1.4Ghz


  • 0.512GB


  • 32GB;

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