Ezviz Action Camera S2 (Action+Dash Camera)


  • Records at 1080p/60fps
  • WDR
  • IPS with Touch Screen
  • Distortion Correction
  • Supports Up to 256G SD Card
  • 150° Super-Wide Angle
  • Action Camera Mode, Dash Car Mode
  • Emergency Recording
  • App Preview, Control and Sharing
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Diversified Accessories for Different Scenarios
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Top-Notch Performance
  • 1080p FHD video, maximum 60fps high-speed recording and a 150° ultra-wide viewing angle. A camera that strikes the perfect balance between picture quality and power consumption.
Easy Switching Between Two Modes
  • The S2 handles your various needs by seamlessly switching to the right camera mode. (Action Camera Mode or Dash Camera Mode)
Professional Dash Camera Mode: Enhance Your Driving
  • Front Proximity Alarm
  • Speed Limit Alarm
  • Emergency Recording
  • Lane Departure Notification
Emergency Recording
  • Built-in G-sensor monitors the status of your car in real-time. In the event of a collision, the captured footage will not be recorded over or deleted.
Intuitive Touch Screen
  • 2-inch 320*240 HD IPS touch screen makes it simple and easy to view videos and images. The IPS display also delivers stunning picture quality.
Stay Flexible with Built-In Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
  • S2 readily integrates with mobile apps and controllers for your convenience. Easily preview, control and share your images and videos via the EZVIZ SPORTS app.


  • CS-SP206-B0-68WFBS
  • Video Format: Resolution: 1080P NTSC (fps):24/30/48/60 PAL (fps): 24/25/48/50 FOV:Wide/Medium/Narrow; Resolution: 720P NTSC (fps):30/60/120 PAL (fps): 25/50/120 FOV:Wide/Medium/Narrow; H.264 BP/MP/HP Level 5.1 With MP4 Muxer File Format
  • Record Mode: Video, Video+Photo
  • Low Light: Auto Adjust Frame Rate for enough exposure time purpose
  • Distortion Correct: Better X/Y Correct
  • HiLight Tag: High Light Important Time,used for Post processing
  • Split Mode: Set the length of video clip
  • Protune: White Balance、ISO、Sharpness、Ev Comp、Color Pattern
  • Loop Mode: To set up the storage mode according to the time interval set
Single Photo
  • Photo Size: 8MP; 4MP; 2MP
  • Night: 2s; 5s; 10s; 15s; 20s (auto-adjusts for exposure target)
  • Distortion Correct: Better X/Y Correct
  • Meter Mode: Center、Average、Spot
  • Protune: White Balance、ISO、Sharpness、Ev Comp、Color Pattern
  • Image Size: 8MP; 4MP; 2MP
  • Burst Rate: 15 frames per second; 15 frames 2 second; 15 frames 3 second; 10 frames per second; 10 frames 2 second; 10 frames 3 second; 5 frames per second (default); 3 frames per second
  • Distortion Correct: Better X/Y Correct
  • Meter Mode: Center、Average、Spot
  • Protune: White Balance、ISO、Sharpness、Ev Comp、Color Pattern.
  • Shutter Mode: Time-lapse Photo、Timelapse Video
  • Photo Size: 8MP; 4MP; 2MP
  • Video Resolution: 1080P, 720P
  • Shutter Interval: 1s;3s;5s;10s;30s;60s;120s;300s
  • Meter Mode: Center、Average、Spot
  • Night: 2s; 5s; 10s; 15s; 20s
  • Distortion Correct: Better X/Y Correct
  • Protune: White Balance、ISO、Sharpness、Ev Comp、Color Pattern
  • View: Up, Down
  • Default Mode: Video、Single、Burst、Timelapse
  • Driving Mode: The camera automatically starts recording after it detects the motion
  • Video-out Mode: HDMI HD output/AV analog output
  • LED: Set it on or off
  • OSD: Turn on screen display on or off
  • Quickly Capture: Minimum time to turn on and engage the shutter: 2s
  • Auto Off: Set Auto Power Off Time
  • Date And Time: Set Date And Time
  • Mic Gain: Set The Gain of Mic
  • Speaker Gain: Set The Gain of Speaker
  • Camera Reset: Reset Camera to default Settings
  • BLE 4.0: Built-in Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n, Mobile App Support
  • App&Remote: Select connect Mode with Mobile App Or Wi-Fi Remoter
  • SSID: Supports SSID modification via the EZVIZ Sports app
  • KEY: Supports key modification via the EZVIZ Sports app
  • RESET: Reset SSID and KEY to system default
  • HDMI: Playback/Record UI
  • AV: AV output Use USB Interface
  • Embedded LCD: 320×240 (2 inch) LCD Touch Panel with IPS
  • Platform: NC96160 (custom HIKVISION chip)
  • Memory: DDR3、SPI Flash
  • Lens: 150° Ultra-wide angle of view with less distortion
  • Sensor: HDR Support, G-Sensor
  • Battery Type: Embedded
  • Battery Life: 2 hours in 1080p 60fps mode (varies according to video mode)
  • Audio: 48kHz (sampling); Advanced AGC (automatic gain control); Built-in single microphone; Single track
  • Interface: Micro USB2.0; Media playback/file transfer/charging when connecting to a PC; AV output; Micro HDMI; MicroSD
  • Standard:Class 10 or up to UHS-1 level Micro SD storage card
  • Capacity :8GB; 16GB; 32GB; 4GB; 128GB
  • Recording Time:Varies with different resolution and frame rate
Photo & Video Preview & Playback Setup
  • App for Mobile Device:For iOS and Android system
  • Function:Live view, playback, recording, configuration, video file editing, and one-touch share to social media are supported
  • Playback: Decodes photo and video files in SD Card and displays it via LCD or HDTV
Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 5.8 × 4.5 × 2.1 cm

Blue, Gray, Orange, Yellow


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